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Wongpitak Export Co., Ltd.

      We make a wide range of mango wood products in a variety of products for home accessories  i.e vase, pot , boxes, bowl, candle holder, tray, plate

    Thousands of handmade kitchenware, picture frame, wall décor and so on.

Mango wood products are made of the same mango trees that produce the popular tropical mango fruit. When a mango tree reaches its full size it stops or slow bearing its sweet delicious fruit, the older trees were cut down environmentally and replaced with young trees in a process that sustains the mango orchards. Mango wood product is good for the environment, good for the economy and maintain valuable green space. The fact that mango tree grows quickly means that it is easier to sustain the demand.

Mango wood is durable and long-lasting and it ranges from light to dark brown grain i.e brownish and yellowish.

Mango wood with beautiful grain is often made up of many different colors and tones, ranging from a dark or light. This grain looks lovely in its natural form but looks even better with a coat and provides a look that betters with age. Mango wood vases and bowls show the best coloring and texture as the different design. Mango wood products becoming an increasingly popular piece of article in our homes. With variety of products will look unique and a fresh point of any room or kitchen.

Our mango wood bowl, tray, plate and kitchenware items are with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish, mango wood can be wiped clean with water and a soft cloth, for best result.

Each mango wood product is hand-carved by skilled craftspeople so every piece is slightly different. The food safe lacquer finish makes our mango wood product useful for serving snacks or on the dinner table for serving salads or fruits. Our highly creative handmade items made from hundreds of craftspeople.

     Over 10,000 items are our very pioneer collections.
We export our mango wood products to many overseas regions. Beyond mango wood product, we create and produce, customer design and OEM order are also welcomed.

     Our workshop and showroom are located in the village of Bo Sang, close to the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We pay particular attention to every aspect of quality in careful selection, in skilled turning, proper drying of timber, and then smoothing and finishing handicrafts.
      Not only manufacturing, we also do the packing as we realize it is most important that our product will carefully packed thus we are certain that each & every product will pass QC and inspection manner.

We emphasis on total quality control begins from raw material selection, and to packaging at the end.  

   We hope our products will speak for themselves, but we would also like to tell you that we aim to be friendly, helpful and businesslike in our dealings with our customers who come from all over the world. You can examine our full range of products, prices and terms of business at your leisure in this extensive online catalogue, which is constantly being updating with our newest products.

    Make fascinating home decorations using a wide range of mango wood products.
We very much hope you will give us a change to serve you, as we know your customers will be delighted with our mango wood wares.




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